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Students should take the EM 599 Term Project course in their last semester, only after successfully completing the required courses. In the semester they are taking the project course, the students can register for at most two elective courses. The program committee's permission is required for exceptions.


The students should complete and present their projects in one semester.


Project topics should be based upon real life cases to which known (established) solution techniques can be applied and systems approach can be used. Working students are encouraged to choose their project topics from their organizations.

Group Projects

Project work can be conducted individually or in groups of two students. In either case, evaluation will be individual.

Project Proposal

Students will prepare and submit a project proposal at the beginning of the semester in which they register for the course. The proposal should include the following.

  • Members of the project group
  • Project advisor (if known)
  • Topic of the project

The project proposal will be submitted to the project coordinator. The coordinator will assess and approve the proposal considering the criteria given above. If the student has a project advisor, then the project coordinator will assign a project evaluator. Otherwise, the project coordinator will submit the proposal to the program committee and they will assign a project advisor and a project evaluator to the student. Proposals that are found to be unsatisfactory will be rewritten. After approval, the student will register for his/her advisor’s section of the course.

Project Reports

  • A progress report will be written in the middle of the semester.
  • The final report will be submitted at the end of the semester. As final report format, students should use
    • 11 font size,
    • 1.15 space, and
    • Times New Roman font.

Students will present their project work in a seminar, which the instructors, other students, and delegates from organizations involved will attend. These seminars will comprise the EM 590 Seminar course. Reports will be assessed by the project advisor and the project evaluator, and the course grade will be given as pass or fail. Project guidelines, title page and abstract page for the final report are available below. A CD containing soft copies of the abstract page and the report must be included in an appendix of the final report submitted to the program secretary.

Forms and Files