Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can the courses taken as special student be used to meet the degree requirements?

At most two such courses with a grade of BB or higher can be used to meet the credit requirements, if the student is later admitted to the program.

2. Can I start the MEM program in Spring semester

Yes, the MEM program accepts applications for both Fall and Spring semesters. Admission to the program is possible in a Spring semester as well as in Fall. See for application conditions and deadlines.

3. How long is the ALES exam score valid for?

The ALES exam score is valid for 3 years.

4. How long is the GRE exam score valid for?

The GRE exam score is valid for 5 years.

5. Is it possible to continue with the Ph.D. program in the Industrial Engineering after completing the MEM program successfully?

No, the graduates of the MEM program cannot apply for the Ph.D. program in Industrial Engineering.

Last Updated:
04/08/2021 - 15:04