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04/08/2021 - 14:30

Testimonials by the MEM Graduates

The Engineering Management program at METU definitely helped me to change the way I think about people, organizations, and the challenges of managing a business. I believe I will benefit from gaining great financial and strategic insights supported by mathematical and technical approaches. Applicability of the courses to real life and a variety of career opportunities are really important advantages as well.

Saim Abay

During my [mechanical engineering] undergraduate study, I have learned how to deal with technical details when solving a problem. But business practice also requires skills such as being able to see the big picture and taking a managerial approach. Without these skills technical competency cannot be used effectively and efficiently. For these reasons I believe the Engineering Management program is useful in gaining the perspectives and knowledge that will be of great help in reaching my career goals.

Alper Ozan

The Master of Engineering Management endows the people who have a strong analytical background with the skills of approaching the problems encountered in business life with a different perspective. I am using the methods and approaches that I have learned in the Engineering Management program at work, and effectively applying the theoretical knowledge to real-life problems.

Sami Orçun ONUR

The Master of Engineering Management program at METU perfectly combines the engineering practice with the principals of management.


I am a 2010 graduate of METU Mechanical Engineering department. My undergraduate program lacked courses about humanities, economics and management. However, my career goals required gaining insight in those fields.I believe the Engineering Management program covers those subjects that cannot be addressed by the traditional engineering education. The program significantly contributes to a strong theoretical engineering background by adding practical and up-to-date business knowledge.

Onur Oksuz

The MEM program significantly contributed to my career advancement. My supervisors considered my education as an investment into the company's future and fully supported me. I benefited a lot in my work place from the courses I took, such as those on strategic planning, finance, and project management.

Ayça Dinçel